Chin Chin Club

Chin Chin Club


marketing strategy, club concepts, festival concept, social media, copywriting



Chin Chin Club hosts heaps of club concepts. Now, it’s time to build the brand Chin Chin Club and creating own club concepts — for the long run with its own target tribe. We dove into the essence of Chin Chin Club as a brand, and what the different days in the week meant for the party experience. As so to speak, we developed two club concepts — MIMI on Thursdays and Mondaï on, yes, Mondays. Let’s zoom in to one concept: MIMI.

MIMI 秘密 — where Thursdays had to be like Fridays. But, silent Fridays. Secret Fridays. Where no one needs to know the next day you were there. Especially not your boss. No social sharing and no atmospheric photos, but detail shots without faces so no one will ever know you were there giving all you got. A feeling of togetherness for those who were there. For the ones who missed out, only mystery remains. Pssst, can you keep a lil’ secret?

There’s always a reason


Annerieke Glaser, Lo Andela (photography), Joey Andela

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