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For event label STRAF_WERK we went back to the basics. We wrapped it down to the core of the brand. Where does the brand stand for and where does it so solidly believe in? What magic does music make? And in times we don’t speak in music, how do we speak in words?

STRAF_WERK is continuously discovering the best electronic beats and skillful DJs on an international, national, and local scale. But not only that. She absorbs music. Wants to know everything about it. Where it comes from, what it is now, what it means to you, to us, to the artists, and what it will be in the future. From old and nostalgic techno tracks on which music movements arose to new currents in upcoming house cities using the newest techniques. From the base makers to small talents with big dreams. The reason why DJs, music connoisseurs and music enthusiasts be awakened by music every day. Why music is a feeling.

No bullshit, only good music

As various music movements found their ways within electronic music, more and more layers and niches arose. Making house music divided and crumbled. STRAF_WERK brings you clarity with expertise. She plays with edges, being raw, non-convential, cool-headed and a lil’ progressive.

Let’s talk! Be bold, don’t be shy.