The sense of spaciousness is of tremendous importance to us, and we reckon for you, too. Creating space or sensing spacelessness to let creativity rise naturally and thrive in remarkable ways. When we free our minds, what wants to be created?

Creativity means connectivity. We oftentimes think creation comes from a blank slate, but nothing more is true. Creativity sums up all the connections your neurons made in your entire past experiences. To open up is to enable your connectivity to arise. This is an invite to trust the process and make space for your intuition, imagination, and your innate ability to create. It’s in the craft-making process we leave our mind and feel again. To touch work with our hands, becoming art works.


This is a reminder to ourselves and to you hopefully, to be connected with that fiery forward-moving creative energy inside of us. To create in total space of freedom – for the pure act of creation and the art of creativity.

The art we bring represents something beyond the eye. We invite you to look for it. Good to know: Limited editions only, so we can be out of stock. Get in touch with us.