As a founder or director in the creative landscape, the road to professional maturity is exposing you to so many things you are not prepared for. Learning by experience is what you do. The awareness of your vulnerability, followed by your own relentless resilience is something to be very proud of. It makes you who you are in the most integer way.


In a 4-months mentorship with 2-weekly sessions, our founder Eva van Keijsteren guides and supports you in your professional journey. Sharing her experience and expertise from 50+ brands (with Ode to A 100+), 10+ years of work experience in the creative industry, and her most insightful learnings with you. Giving you the tools to manifest. So you can follow the fire you were born from.


Ode to A's founder Eva is part of the Association of Dutch Designers. In 2023, she was jury member of the Dutch Creativity Awards in design (branding).