About Eva

About Eva

It was something I saw time after time. Something I couldn’t stop thinking about. I saw a large number of people and brands holding themselves small because of fear. Intrigued by the concept, I dove deeper into the concept of ‘fear’. Discovering we are all living with some extent of fear, making us real human beings. And I discovered that our own mind boxes and limiting perceptions hold us back from getting to our fullest potential.

our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure — Marianne Williamson

But, I also reckoned something magical. That we have the inner strength to choose. To choose fire over fear. To live a life to our highest potential — living from essence to presence by following our own inner fire.


I am hopeful and proud that we are living in an era of transformation. Of change. Of evolution. Realizing that our outer world is our inner world — it’s how we perceive the world. So, we have the power and potential to change from the inside out. Let’s change our perception into visionary perspectives.

With fire,

Eva van Keijsteren — Founder Ode to A

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Lieve Eek (photography), Samuel Does